Hey, There!
I’m Becky.


My name is Becki Swan, I picked my surname on deedpoll as I wanted to be a beautiful bird – or at least have some form of bond with my grandmother (Swan was her maiden name) for whom, for some reason has guided and inspired me throughout my life (she passed on when I was 4). 

I was very fortunate to come from a loving family albeit a broken one, where my darling mother instilled the necessities of love, kindness and copious cleaning strategies into my life. My childhood was filled with hugs, kisses, routine and structure. 

During my teens I fell in love, got married and started my family – all before I was 20 years old. With a military husband on tour, I stayed connected with my family and carved out a career within the driver trainer market. At the innocent age of 22 years old – I started teaching and inspiring young teenagers and millenials on the quest to freedom.

Along the way – I have worked with over 2000 students from every corner of the globe! I have been inspired by coal dancing musicians, fleeing muslim wives, and tiger escaping warriors! I have met and worked with every class, religion and culture in the world and have had copious amounts of hugs, tears and tantrums! 

Although I had a wonderful 10 year marriage, a beautiful home and three wonderful children, and a career that filled me with pride, passion and purpose, my marriage sadly ended after my husband lost his second brother to suicide. My perfect life was to be no more!

After my husband left for pastures green, I lost my way. With a huge mortgage, a thriving business and three small mouths to feed – I went from free spirited, passionate entrepreneur mum, to a mum having to learn to set up direct debits, pay mortgages and hire nannies just to continue to put food on the table and to keep a roof over our heads. 

During this time, I went to university and studied Journalism, worked full time as a driving instructor and volunteered at a community radio station, all whilst raising my children and paying a huge mortgage! Yes you heard me right, full time university degree – full time driving instructor, full time parent and a part time volunteer for a community radio station!

I dated blindly, chased needlessly and expelled people from my life quicker than a fleeting train.  Six years after my divorce, I gave in, and sold my dream house. On the day I moved out, I handed in the keys to the agents, put my stuff into storage and spent my last £20 on a fry up at a service station on the M1. With a map sprawled across the table and a paper napkin as a blindfold – A pin landed in the map, Portland to be precise and that is where we headed. 

My fleeting dream was to live on Portland Island, let my kids roam the coves and clifftops – resembling Julian, Dick, Ann and George’s adventures from the famous five! Didn’t quite go to plan, but we did settle in a quaint market town called Crewkerne. My new life, was (to start with) an adventure, a fresh start, a reset of mine and my children’s lives. 

My life turned from adventure to chaos, I lost my home, had to put my worldly belongings into a make shift storage yard. I had a car accident, lost my business, and had to reside in a make shift office, down the bottom of a valley in teh Dorset countryside. A one room ‘office’ with sofas as beds, playing topsy turvy games with my children. 

I gave up on me. My life gave up on me. My once beautiful life, now shattered into dispair. My last friend took my last £5000, and left with no money, no food and no fuel to drive my children the 30 minutes just to get them to school. I couldn’t even get domestic car insurance as I lived at a ‘classifeid’ business address. Somerset gave up on me, Dorset gave up on me, and Northants council also. My daughter was diagnosed with autism and I sobbed for three months and two days, day and night, every second of every day! My mental health lead to thoughts of suicide and my bi-polar was way out of control!

With help from my family, 8 months later, I managed to get back to the Midlands. On collection of my stuff from the storage yard – upon opening the unit’s doors, my worldly possesions fell upon me as to what can be described as an explosive cascade! The grains of food that were tucked away – were robbed by the local rats and my once lost teeth whitening kit was obvious to see! Everything gone. Well – eaten, chewed and ripped apart! All of my photos, my clothes, books, belongings, furniture – even my juice mixer! 

My NEW life back in the midlands was a 2 bedroom house with a sofa bed, which lasted for another two years. Luck come my way and I was awarded, finally, a house from the council! After 4 years – I finally had a place I could call home. During this time, my now teen eldest son, had got sacked from his job for perusing youtube. We had no money, barely any furniture – and we set to work on my dream! 

Together, my son and I – set up my business LPOD Acadmy. An intensive driving school business. With no website skills, SEO knowledge, advertising or marketing skills – we set about learning every single trick, every single hack. We made vidoes, online courses and over the period of 2 years went from no instructors to 100+. We covered the whole of the UK and ranked No 1 in over just as many places. In year 2 we sold £750,000 worth of sales, and topped 6 figures for the first.

During this whole time, I set about to change my perspective on life. My mental health was my priority. Witnessing the dark days, the near misses – I found and stumbled across The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes. She changed my life. From there I attracted the Chimp Paradox into my life – I swear this cured my Bi Polar, and my self-development journey has remained a strong faith within my life! 

To top all of this off – last year I made it my mission to give up my council home, and buy my own! Today I live in my own 4 bedroom detached house – it literally is my dream home! If anyone would have told me five years ago, where I would be today, I would have choked on my frappe! I have now qualified in NLP practioner and mastery, hypotherapy and life coaching. I have coached to date over 2000+ students in my whole life, and on their wishes – I am embarking on my journey to help inspire, motivate and encourage other people who may NEED to see there is light, and life is worth fighting for – even in the darkest of the darkest days! 

I started with WHY? What’s your WHY?

My name is Becki, it’s lovely to meet you, what’s yours?


PS I also love Frappe’s from Starbucks! 

My Mission

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