My Best Book Summaries.


I love to read books. I really love to read books. I found my passion for reading 4 years ago when I started my self-help journey. 

As part of my journey – I have some key favourite books. These books have completely changed my life. As part of my journey to becoming a passionate life-coach, I thought why not share my favourite books and summarise them for my readers. 

To help you with your journey – I will highlight my learning outcomes for each book. Which will help you get a snapshot of the book, and if you do decide to buy the book fabulous! 


What best books

I have some clear winning favourite books of all time. The Secret, The Magic Of Thinking Big and No Excuses. Please sign up for my email series to get weekly best book summaries into your inbox at the bottom of this page. 

My Mission

“To help you become the best version of yourself. Whether we work together 1-2-1, or in a group environment – or whether you want to just use my FREE content – I want to help inspire as many people as possible through sharing my knowledge, learnt skills and applied habits!”

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