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My Goals List For 2020


Make A Better Cuppa & Improve Your Life

When it comes to making a cup of tea it is really important to make a good cup of tea! Why? I hear you ask. Simply, why wouldn't you want to make yourself an awesome cup of tea? Now I am pretty sure, you have made lots of cups of tea in your life - am I correct? And...

How To Keep Sane During The Corona Lockdown

The world is going through a painful pandemic. The Corona Virus has affected nearly all nations of the world. More than 50% of the world is on lockdown and thus far - no vaccine or cure is in sight. During this blog, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is...

The Wins Of Habit Stacking

Recently, I have been getting into 'habit stacking'. There are lots of things I would love to change and one thing I have learnt is all about habit stacking. Habit stacking is a term used to add one new habit with an existing habit you already do. A habit that you...


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