Recently, I have been getting into ‘habit stacking‘. There are lots of things I would love to change and one thing I have learnt is all about habit stacking. Habit stacking is a term used to add one new habit with an existing habit you already do. A habit that you already do, that does not involve too much thinking! Designing the life you want does mean intricate exploration into your current lifestyle – or a deep analysis of your existing habits. Being able to identify what you wish to change is crucial to implementing new ideas and habits. I am a massive fan of macro habits – small new habits/routines that compound over time. The results compound which in turn, can have a huge impact on your life.

So, What Exactly is Habit Stacking?

Adding a new habit with an existing habit. For example, you wish to take a supplement every morning. But you always forget to take your supplement. One way to get into the habit is to ‘stack’ the habit with an existing habit. So, think about your day, what existing habits do you have? Ones, that you do NOT have to think about? Write down all of the habits that you have on a piece of paper. You probably have a list like this:

  1. Brush teeth
  2. Shower/dress
  3. Make bed
  4. Open curtains/blinds
  5. Make a cup of coffee
  6. Open mail
  7. Let the dog out
  8. Do school run
  9. Visit shop
  10. Buy a newspaper
  11. Check Facebook
  12. Eat lunch
  13. Call mum at midday
  14. Morning and afternoon school run

As you can see the list can go on and on. The idea of habit stacking is to create a new ‘wanted’ habit with an existing habit. For example:

  1. Brush teeth – take a supplement – leave supplement next to the toothbrush
  2. Shower/dress – Put on perfume – leave perfume bottle near wardrobe/ shower
  3. Make the bed – Empty bin – place bin near the bed
  4. Make a cup of coffee – wash the dishes – note to remind near kettle
  5. Open mail – write affirmations – leave notepad nearby
  6. Let the dog out – tidy shoes – place a shoe cabinet near the backdoor
  7. Do school run – listen to audiobooks – note in the car to listen to audiobooks
  8. Visit shop – write grocery list on phone before shopping – set notification reminder
  9. Check Facebook – call a friend
  10. Eat lunch – hoover downstairs – leave a reminder in the kitchen
  11. Have lunch – call mum at midday – notification reminder on the phone.

Habit Stacking To Improve An Area Of Your Life

Everyone has different goals. Your goals may be very different from mine. I am not a ‘housework’ type of mum, but I would like to create a better housework routine to the one I currently have. So, for me this could be:

  1. Shower – clean shower after every use
  2. Come in from work – shoes off at the door
  3. Arrive home – let the dog out
  4. Get out of bed – make the bed
  5. Put the kettle on – wash-up
  6. Watch TV – tidy lounge before I sit down
  7. Cook dinner – make packed lunches
  8. Write in my journal – kids do homework

You see, my new habits may look very different from yours. It is important to set up your environment so that your new habit has a chance of being created and then sticking! The worse thing in the world would be to forget to do your new habit – which, quite frankly needs its own blog post!

What ‘new’ habits would you like to have in your own life? What do you wish to change? How could you ‘habit stack’ your new habits with existing habits, let me know in the comments! Happy habit stacking!

Habit Stack To ‘Get Moving’ More

There are lots of ways to ‘habit stack’ to gain macro wins for a particular goal that you may have! For example – lets assume your goal is to become more active and to ‘move more’. You could use exisiting habits to help encourage new ones.

  1. Brush teeth – 10 squats
  2. Shower/dress – 10 lunges
  3. Make bed – 10 jumping jacks
  4. Open curtains/blinds – 10 x side lunges
  5. Make a cup of coffee – 10 x half body push-ups
  6. Open mail – 10 x arm raises
  7. Let the dog out – 10 sit-ups
  8. Do school run – walk children into school
  9. Visit shop – leave the car and walk
  10. Buy a newspaper – leave the car and walk
  11. Check Facebook – stand up and check /browse
  12. Eat lunch – meditate 10 minutes
  13. Call mum at midday – pace whilst talking
  14. Morning and afternoon school run – walk dog instead of car

There are lots of ways you can ‘habit stack’ so, get your journal out, and work out how you can habit stack your new life! Let me know how you get on and remember to send me a picute of your habit stacking lists!

Habit Stack To ‘De-Clutter’ Life

  1. Brush teeth – remove empty bottles from bathroom
  2. Shower/dress – tidy one drawer/sort odd socks
  3. Make bed – rearrange bed linen
  4. Open curtains/blinds – take down cups and plates
  5. Make a cup of coffee – refill canisters/re-cycle
  6. Open mail – sort and file bills
  7. Let the dog out – tidy dog’s toys/bed
  8. Do school run – empty car of rubbish
  9. Visit shop – recycle empty cans/newspaper
  10. Buy a newspaper – recycle old newspapers
  11. Check Facebook – clear out one drawer/cupboard
  12. Eat lunch – recycle tins/packages
  13. Call mum at midday – re-arrange one cupboard

Habit Stack To ‘Program’ Affirmations

  1. Brush teeth – Three top goals of the day
  2. Shower/dress – Recite mornings affirmations
  3. Make bed – Next 3 cleaning jobs
  4. Open curtains/blinds – think of a new person to connect with
  5. Make a cup of coffee – One person who inspires you
  6. Open mail – journal 100 words (thoughts/ ideas)
  7. Let the dog out – 3 x gratitude list
  8. Visit shop – wish someone a good day
  9. Buy a newspaper – read one inspiring story
  10. Check Facebook – read one spiritual post/leave positive comment
  11. Eat lunch – guided meditation
  12. Call mum at midday – say I love you
  13. Morning and afternoon school run – recite gratitude list

As you can see, there are lots of ways to improve your life, and design your day to win at life! Whether you are seeking a more balanced home life, or wish to become more spiritual or wish to have a fitter and stronger body, there are lots of ways habit stacking can help you! Get creative and let me know what habit stacking you get creative with!